Short Clips

Dole TV: Leaving Cert 2013

Clare Daly interview

Extended interview with Terry McMahon

Getting Tough With The Troika

Hysterical Crime

Water Conservation Tips

Dole TV Extra: X-Case Legislation

Unlocking Nama

Irish Government replaced by a Cabbage

Government plans sell Cork to stabilise the economy

Vote Yes for Fiscal Compact Treaty (Ireland) Yes for Jobs

JobBridge / Internship / Advertising / Dublin

Household Charge Campaign

Labour meet the ghost of James Connolly

Roots of The Crisis – Conor McCabe (part 1 /2)

Roots of The Crisis – Conor McCabe (part 2 /2)

JobBridge / Internship / Waste Management / Dublin

Dole TV Costello

Job Interview / Dublin

JobsBridge // Internship / Labor Party / Dublin

Dolphin Credit / Loan Sharks

Dole Monday Society / Trinity / Dublin

Dole TV – Street Literature


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